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Sheriff Imposter Calling Residents with a SCAM!

August 6, 2019

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A Bennington County resident just received a phone call from a sheriff imposter. The male caller with a southern drawl accent is claiming that he is Det. Sgt. Brian Hall of the Bennington County Sheriff's Department. We DO NOT have a Brian Hall, and nor do we have an employee with a southern drawl. He is spoofing the Sheriff's Department phone number when you have to call him back. He called from 802-472-1379.

He told our resident that we had warrants for her and she needed to come and pay them. This is not how the Sheriff's Department operates.

Again, we DO NOT have a Det. Sgt. Brian Hall. We ask that you share this. THIS IS A SCAM.

Do Not give out any personal or confidential information over the phone to anyone, especially to ones that you do not know. This includes your Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Address, Bank Account numbers, Passwords. Do not go to a store and get a bank card to mail to an unknown person to get a family member out of jail, Do not send a check to an unknown person because they told you you won some insane large amount of money and your check will help get you the large sum of money, Do Not Transfer any of your money to an unknown person.

Sheriff Schmidt says Be Cautious and Be Smart.

Detective Sergeant, Lloyd Dean